June 7, 2020

26/11 Mumbai Terror attack planned by Pakistan ISI & Indian National Congress tried to paint this by alleging a saffron attack.

By 3rdworldthinker

Whenever I see something related to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, one man comes into my mind. The then home minister Shivraj Patil of UPA-1 Govt.

He was busy changing clothes for a public (press) appearance when Mumbai was under siege & 163 people were being brutally killed by Pakistani terrorists.

This lock-down you should remember all those traitors who’ve inflicted injuries upon us by being involved directly or indirectly.

Don’t forget the history & don’t let your would heal over.

Why should you not think that Congress was trying to make it as a Hindu terror rather than dealing with it firmly.

Why NSG was kept in waiting for 4 hours & why wasn’t it pressed into action immediately, as it was already battle-ready at Delhi airport & waiting for the go-ahead signal from Home Minister?

Why were TV news channels not disallowed to share live feeds & who would be held responsible for the brutal killings of scores of innocent whose locations were being aired live by news’ channels ?

Where were the journalistic ethics when they were literally covering live actions from ground zero & giving edge & first hand information to the terrorists through their handlers via sat-phones?

You’ve to ask these questions over & over again from a Govt whose PM was Dr. Man Mohan Singh & his remote was controlled by Sonia Gandhi, the chairperson of UPA-1 & UPA-2?

Remember this 26/11 of 2008? The Indian public was so fool that it elected the same Party’s Govt in 2009, the next year. You can not expect such idiocy anywhere in the world.

If you’ve let terrorist inflict such great misery upon your country & still you come out victorious the next year General Election in 2009, you would start thinking how foolish the electorate could have been then.

The social media was in its nascent stage then & was not peaking, so the UPA Govt led by Congress got away with it, as most of the mainstream media houses were towing the lines of UPA Govt & weren’t asking enough questions?

Some of the news channels were later penalized symbolically but largely they got away with the excuse that there weren’t any clear guidelines from the Press Council of India & Govt of India in such situations.

The main journalists in question then didn’t blink even for a second while defending themselves, in fact, they relished this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their names in news media. They were hailed largely by their own colleagues in the media. They became rich & got international fame. The world media were aghast at the kind of live coverage they were able to see on televisions & were ridiculing the Govt of India’s inept way of handling this massacre of the general public on the roads, at the railway station & in the hospitals & Hotels in Mumbai, at hands of some 10 terrorists (fidayin) from Pakistan.

In situations like this, a field correspondent covers all this & the editor in the newsroom edits the news, cuts off the undesired parts & then presents it to the broadcast. But during 26/11 most of the editors themselves were in the field covering this massacre & they didn’t want to spare a single opportunity to grab the limelight. How could they let their lesser-known mortals get famous? Maybe, junior correspondents wouldn’t have gone to that extent, to such a blatant coverage.

Post 26/11, the UPA-2 (Indian National Congress) remained unapologetic as they managed to win more seats than the 2004 election. Hence there was not a single lesson they could have learned from this. Had they lost, they would have realized their inability to deal with it. They were left to think that the people of India had already forgotten what happened in 2008 in Mumbai, but they didn’t realize that this would come haunting them again in 2014. The general public needed some strong man like Narendra Modi to voice their opinions as they already lost hope in the prospective leadership of LK Advani, who recently praised Jinnah during his visit to Pakistan in 2005.

Therefore, the lesson that was left to be learned by Congress appeared again in the 2014 examination of the General Election, when Narendra Modi pounced on this & displayed his steely resolve to showcase these shoddy handlings of UPA & made it to the public that why national security wasn’t paramount to UPA, led by Congress.

Congress has done so much of hard work in the past to destroy itself that Modi will have a lot of issues to fall back on & keep Congress away from central politics. Even today Congress seems to be kicking self goals every day. There is no hope for Congress revival unless they come out of Gandhis’ & elect a new leader who could arrest the slide of this party.