June 6, 2020

India fights fake narratives

By 3rdworldthinker

India’s been home to enlightenment & knowledge since ages. It’s been an oldest surviving civilization of this planet. India, that is, Bharatvarsh (for its native people) has big enough to be coined as sub-continent & is the only nation in the world with an ocean attributed to its name, the Indian ocean. A country after centuries of invasion & forced foreign rules, has not forgotten its culture that is ingrained in minds & hearts of its people. India had to gave away much of its northern parts to Islamist invaders in the form of Afghanistan & Pakistan before its independence from British colonial rules, eastern part to West Pakistan, now Bangladesh & north eastern part to ever-expansionist China in the form of Aksai Chin.
Despite all of its territorial & cultural betrayal in the past by various foreign rules, India stood its ground & remained firm on its values & never tried to opt for ways & means to reclaim its lost lands as it obtained military powers over the past 7 decades. We’ve made peace with our history & moved on with an eye on the future.
As we’ve moved on & thought we would not look into the gory plots of the history, we have been subjected to a certain mala fide narrative that consequently led us to think we couldn’t afford to sit back & couldn’t let this agenda take over the minds & hearts of our future citizens.
We’ve decided to uncover the agenda, turn over the hidden pages of unwritten intents behind this narrative. This might break some symbols that we so dearly loved & adopted in the last 7 decades. We will try to bring a whole new perspective to the core issues at hand & would not spare anyone that helps disrepute to our beloved nation.