Modi Haters Vs Modi Bhakts

Modi bashers & Bhakts, alike, were unequivocally baying for the blood on two recent occasions.

✅ Post-election violence in West Bengal
✅ Secriledging the Tri-Color atop Red Fort on 26th Jan.

On both occasions, they wished Modi would have given in to popular demands of non-left (read Right-wing, for crudest of the meaning) & used brutal force.

They both had their own reasons & I think both of them have gone crazy to the incorrigible limit.

I’ve clear thoughts on these three unique situations that we assume Modi is trapped in or he seems to be in the midst of a crossfire from both, his haters & die-hard supporters.

👉 What Modi haters wanted from him & why?

👉 What Bhakts wanted from him & why not Modi gave in?

👉 What sanity tells you why Modi is doing what he is doing or not doing?

I would try to cover why Modi is doing what he is doing or not doing.

❎ Modi should have given complete control to the Delhi police & allowed them to shoot if the situation demanded. If that was done, there would have been a large-scale retaliation in Punjab & elsewhere & Farmer Protest could have led the riots across north India at least. One protester killed here would have resulted in the killings of hundreds of others (Hindus) in Punjab & as a retaliation, Sikhs would have been targeted in the rest of the country. It could have been a repeat of the scenario of Delhi’s post-Indira Gandhi assassination in 1984.
❎ A smear campaign is already running against him in media without him reacting to any of this, in the wake of the above circumstances, all hell would have broken loose & chaos would have helped them to go for the head of Modi.

❎ The international leftist cabal would have found reasons to intervene in India’s internal matters.

❎ “The democracy is being murdered by Modi” would have been their constant ranting & this would have reached a level where every Indian would have made to feel that whatever leftist cabal is saying on TVs, writing on newspapers, or online portals had some truth. Bingo……………………….Regime change.

❎ The post-election violence in West Bengal is nothing new, thanks to our left-leaning media that they never gave it a voice. They swept everything under the carpet as it didn’t suit their agenda.

❎ This time too they kind of tried to not say a word on Bengal violence, but since the advent of social media, these things couldn’t go unnoticed, they, therefore, tried to normalize it, saying Bengal had a history of Pre & Post Election Violence, hence there was nothing new to ponder upon it that seriously.

❎ On both occasions, Modi haters & Modi Bhakts both wanted him to use force or Central Power. (Both wanted Police should have fired in Red Fort incident & Article 356 invoked in West Bengal)

❎ This appears a very attractive proposition from the looks of it, Bhakts would have loved Modi even more but the reaction that would have generated subsequently would have appalled everyone (supporters & blind supporters alike) for years to come; because most of the people sincerely want their best-bet Modi to complete this 2nd term with satisfaction & lead us in the 2024 General Election for his successive 3rd term.

❎ The Hindus have a Societal PTSD of 800 years, most of them are not aware of this & some of them have made peace with their past as their improved living standard has uplifted them to worry for what is at hand, they neither want to dwell into their history nor do they want to be far-sighted to foresee what is coming to them. This “I”, “Me” and “Myself” approach has been identified by their opponents & therefore, hunting them cold-bloodedly for the sake of fun or owing to their religious teachings. It has never been a challenging task for them, rather it was very easy then & much easier now.

❎ Modi is a truly secular leader & I can prove this with facts. He didn’t wear a Jalidaar-Topi is a fact that Hindus love him most for. But that is only optics. That is only for public consumption. In reality, he does exactly the opposite of that. On the contrary, Congress since 1947 did only lip service & supported Muslims symbolically, not in letter & spirit. 99% of riots in India have direct Congress connection, Godhra too was a Congress plot, the people who burned S-6 Sleeper Coach of Sabarmati Express with 59 karsewaks (passengers) in it were from Congress Party. It’s a proven fact.

❎ With Modi at centre, we would certainly like him to effect changes for sure & that we’ve witnessed as well in  case of J&K, GST, Demonitization, Farmers Bill 2020, NEP 2020, Self-Reliant India, Reinforcement of Armed Forces & Infra srtucture build up in borders areas & road access for armed forces to LAC, LOC & all porous borders, establishing diplomatic ties with rest of the world. There is a lot on his table to clear & he can not squander it on the whims & fancies of Die-hard followers as it serves the purpose of his haters. Modi doesn’t and will not blink, he will respond when he is ready. He will respond only he if finds fit to be responded.

❎ What Bhakts should do is go out on ground & do real work rather than ranting their madness on social media. Modi wouldn’t fall for rhetorical “gyan” on how he should or should not handle things. If Bengal has this problem, people will have to stand up & raise their voice and raise their weapons too, if need be. No one would come for their help. They have to do self help.

How long people expect someone to come & rescue you, you will have to stand up against any atrocities meted out to you, you will need to get killed if that is situation, it doesn’t happen that you don’t want to be killed, instead of that, someone from far-off will come & fight your battle while you like to secure & insulate yourself from any violence. That’s not going to happen.

Violence can be stopped by equal amount of violence only, else you will keep asking Modi for help. Today Modi is there, what happens when he won’t be around.

You have elected him to govern the state that is called India, he will do it by the rule book, which is Constitution of India. If you want to save your civilization, you can not be looking towards Modi as a saviour of the Nation.

The saviour of Nation is you. The responsibility to run “State or Country” effectively is on Modi’s shoulders but the responsibility of “Nation” lies on you. You are responsible for what India is today & you will be responsible for what India would be tomorrow.


—Saurabh Chamoli

India’s Covid Situation being amplified for obvious reasons

कल मेरा Austria की एक कंपनी के साथ zoom मीटिंग थी, मीटिंग स्टार्ट करने से पहले दोनों महानुभाव मुझे सांत्वना देने लगे कि उनको इंडिया से terrible न्यूज सुनने को मिल रही है और इसके लिए उनके मन में बहुत दुख है.

मैंने पूछा कि Austria के क्या हाल हैं तो कहने लगे कि काबु से बाहर हैं, फिर मैंने पूछा कि vaccination कहाँ तक पहुंची तो बोले कुछ हजार लोग ही vaccinate हुए हैं, मैंने पूछा कि तुम्हारा नंबर कब आएगा तो कहने लगे कि अभी उनके बूढे माँ बाप का ही नंबर October नवंबर से पहले नहीं आने वाला.

फिर मैंने बताया कि 89 लाख लोगों के देश में तुम लोग अभी कुछ हजार ही लोग vaccinate कर पाए हो, हमने 3 मई तक 15.78 करोड़ लोग vaccinate कर दिए हैं तो अगले बंदे की आंखें फटी रह गई, जूम मीटिंग में था, इसलिए वो expression मैं देख सकता था.

फिर मैंने पूछा कि क्या ऑस्ट्रिया में लोग नहीं मर रहे हैं तो महानुभाव बोलने लगे कि ताबूत कम पड़ गए हैं.

सभी देशों विकसित हो विकाशशील की हालत बहुत खराब है, हमारे यहां अभी भी 160 प्रति मिलियन का डेथ रेट है, ऑस्ट्रिया में यही 459 है और पड़ोसी देश हंगरी में 2909 प्रति मिलियन है, दोनों महानुभाव निरुत्तर हो गए.

मैंने उनको समझाया कि हालांकि एक भी मौत दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है लेकिन भारत की खबर को बहुत ज्यादा amplify इसलिए किया जा रहा है क्योंकि भारत में एक राष्ट्र वादी नरेंद्र मोदी सत्ता सम्भाल रहा है और सभी चाहते हैं कि भारत में सत्ता परिवर्तन हो, चाहे किसी भी तरह से हो.

आप अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर का अभियान झेल रहे हैं जिसमें देखने से टार्गेट आपका नेता है लेकिन असली टार्गेट यहॉं का बाजार और यहॉं के उपभोक्ता हैं.

उनको अपनी वैक्सीन यहां बेचनी है इसलिए आपके देश की न्यूज पूरे विश्व में ऐसे चलायी जा रही है जैसे कि प्रलय केवल भारत में आयी है.

आपका सहयोग ही इस देश को और आपके नेता को बचा सकता है क्योंकि मोदी आप के और इनके बीच एक दीवार की तरह खडा़ है.