December 6, 2020

US Presidential Election 2016 vs 2020!

By 3rdworldthinker

Trump Vs Biden (2020)

I told you this last time & reiterating for the record that a US President of today can have personal opinions about certain issues & countries but he or she can not be independent in calling the shots as per his or her whims & fancies. There are due processes & the processes take a huge behind-the-scene studies, researches & analysis by various agencies.

After the primaries are over, the candidates are briefed by these various agencies on the matters concerning international relations & are apprised of the American interests.

Today when Joe Biden seems to be inching toward a certain victory to the oval office, some of the Indian political commentators are foolishly trying to portray Modi-Trump Bon homie for a basis that Joe Biden would take revenge on Modi & India.

Let me tell you those who are dwelling on this theory that today America needs India more than India does.

With present day geopolitical scenarios, the ultimate power of America has diminished, to the extent that China was clearly thrashing its policies & stands & eyeing to be in the pole position of Pacific region that America once used to be.

During the last 4 decades, America have suffered due to their policy of outsourcing everything to China & lending its every possible support to keep it away from Russia.

Today neither it is good for America to opt for that stand & continue with Nixon era’s perspective, nor it is good for rest of the world.

With fast changing scenarios in Europe, America can’t stand alone with highly divided Middle East, in which half of it mending ways with Israel & half of it lining behind Erdogan strategically supported by China.

The world ahead is going to be too challenging, Joe Biden will have to play on a wicket that Trump has nurtured & prepared for them. In fact, the alleged multi billion dollar investment of Joe’s son in China is going to bite him very soon.

This is not a child’s play. Everyone gets paid in the coin they traded. Joe is sure to face daunting challenges & to wrosen it further, he has a very unworthy & untrustworthy Kamala Harris as vice president. It’s a like double whamy.

God save America!

Trump Vs Hillary Clinton (2016)

Who cares if Trump wins or Hillary sweeps the poll. A US president is dependent on Pentagon and CIA as far as foreign policy is concerned.

In fact, immediately after their primaries, Pentagon & CIA brief both the candidates about US stand on various external affairs & issues. They can’t do anything without their consultation.

So be assured, it’s not worth spend time on US Presidential Election.